The Belfield Group has always placed great importance on the wellbeing of its employees.

In response to growing awareness about the importance of mental health, and particularly as a result of the effects of the Covid19 pandemic, in 2020 we introduced Mental Health First Aiders across the Group. We are now pleased to announce we have nearly 40 Mental Health First Aiders trained across the five businesses, on hand and ready to help and assist colleagues with their wellbeing.

As part of the ongoing initiative, we meet quarterly with the MHFAs to share our learnings and our experiences. In our recent meeting, we did a role play activity where our first aiders picked a mental health topic from a hat and, in small groups, acted out the scenario. After each role play, the rest of the group gave feedback on what they found useful, what they thought could be applied across similar scenarios, and whether they might approach things differently. Feedback from others and embracing different approaches has been a core success of this programme. The team found the role play an invaluable exercise as they could discover different ideas and approaches from each other. 

Overall, the programme has been a great success and has given important support to our colleagues at a time of global uncertainty.