19 January 2017 saw us present our first 30 years’ service awards to three employees who, even now, are still employed by the Company: Marie Jones – Manufacturing Manager, Ronald Cowley – Frames Team Leader, and Gillian Hughes – Sewing Machinist.

They were joined by the three founding directors of the company, Steve Hampton, Paul Hislop and Nigel Holifield, who also had in excess of 30 years’ service – indeed, Nigel is still with us today!

Since then, we have presented another 40 awards to various staff, the majority of whom are still part of our company. What an accomplishment for both the employees and the Company, demonstrating loyalty and commitment from both sides. Later this year we will present Lee Monaghan, Quality Manager, with his 30 years’ service award and we have a long list of colleagues to follow on from him.

Retaining our loyal and committed staff has always been a priority, and we continue to strive to achieve this for all our employees by providing them with job security, opportunities for development and, above all, treating everyone fairly.