Ysgol Bryn Garth school has developed a nurture room to support vulnerable children to give them space, privacy, skills and support to help improve their self-esteem, happiness and confidence, which of course will help them now, but also later in life. 

The importance behind nurture rooms is to provide a short-term focused intervention to deal with issues that are blocking learning for some children. Nurture rooms provide safe spaces for children who are struggling academically, or struggling with behaviour and isolation. To make the nurture room more welcoming, it is important to have the right decor to make the children feel calm, safe and comfortable.

Westbridge offered the school to choose from a selection of furniture and the chosen piece was duly collected and installed.

The school advised:

We started using the room on Monday, the children absolutely love it, and the staff are asking if they can visit it too!
Thank you so much again for your support and kindness, we really do appreciate it.’